Fiinovation, a research based organization, is an integrated solution enabler in the CSR  and sustainability domain. It is focused towards enhancing quality across organizational value chain through meaningful innovation thereby ensuring sustainability. Over the last five years, the organization has created a niche for itself through its extensive work in the corporate social responsibility arena. It has been helping corporations as well as civil society organization (CSOs) engage in value based CSR initiatives by aligning the objectives of corporations with their social objectives. The organization has been assisting corporations through its research on policy drafting and implementation design to achieve competitive advantage in their respective arenas.

The organization is proud to have Asia’s first proposal research laboratory wherein research is focused primarily on four sectors, which include Health, Education, Livelihood and Environment. The state of the art proposal research laboratory facilitates the researchers in conducting both primary as well as secondary research before initiating an assignment, identifying opportunities and providing simplified solutions. Thorough analysis using scientific and rational tools and a dedicated team of sectoral experts make the work more effective and result oriented. Sustainability road maps, which are charted out during a programme design intervention feed into the larger goal of sustainability for the partner corporations.

Fiinovation laid its foundation with 4 employees in the year 2008 and since then has achieved phenomenal growth with over a hundred employees in 2013 and presence across India in terms of its services. The organization primarily through six different practice namely: CSR-CSO partnership, programme design, programme management, impact assessment, and sustainability assessment and reporting

Fiinovation helps NGO’s connect with corporates.

Fiinovation: Who we are?

We are a global consulting organization named Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (Fiinovation), providing services in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability.

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability also called as Corporate Citizenship. Basically, CSR is form of corporate self-regulation and norms used as business model for social welfare. The term came to existence in the 1960’s when sociologist found large disparity among people due to division of wealth in unequal proportion. It all started as a social movement to promote globalization and late capitalism and with the motive that company should focus beyond earning profits. CSR is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community. It aims to improve the living standard among society and help in maintaining ecology.

Fiinovation as a CSR consultancy

As we know India is a developing country and still need great exposure in various aspects. Currently, Indian economy is immensely unbalanced where 5 percent of high net individuals dominate 68 percent of the total national wealth and 76.3 per cent of the total wealth of Indian economy is with 10 per cent individuals. In this scenario, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability becomes more crucial.

We Fiinovation is an 8-year experienced CSR consultancy and renders end to end services to the corporate which eventually help them to channelize their resources for the upliftment of the society. In other words we simplify the working model and help to understand company’s social purpose. We help corporate to find the right NGO partner and bridge the gap between them to successfully commence CSR. Our work is to asses’ environmental impact and measure the social outcome through value based CSR programs.

Fiinovation Updates

  • In order to boost the CSR activities, the government has come up with the CSR awards. The awards are really crucial as they will be distributed after analyzing the companies’ role in bringing a positive impact on the ground level in varied social domains. These are human development, economic development, social welfare, sustainable and environmental development.


Fiinovation: Assessment Studies for Mytrah Energy at Anantapur, AP

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New Delhi, Delhi, India, 06 January 2017/Businesswire India//– For assistance in corporate social responsibility initiatives, Mytrah Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the largest independent power producers in renewable energy sector, collaborated with Fiinovation, [...]